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Bryce Leatherwood, Winner of The Voice, Announces Electrifying Tour, Including Woodstock Concert

Following his triumphant victory on NBC’s The Voice, country singer Bryce Leatherwood is taking his electrifying act on tour in 2023. Leatherwood, who captivated audiences with his jaw-dropping performances on the show, is set to embark on his first-ever tour, bringing his rustic energy and magnetic stage presence to cities across the nation. Fans will have the chance to experience the musical prowess of Bryce Leatherwood firsthand, including a highly-anticipated concert in his hometown of Woodstock, Georgia.

The Voice Triumph and Life-Changing Moment:

As Team Blake’s ninth win on The Voice, Bryce Leatherwood solidified his place among the legendary artists to emerge from the competition. His mesmerizing rendition of Conway Twitty’s “Goodbye Time” during the Blind Auditions won the hearts of both the coaches and the audience. Blake Shelton, instantly drawn to Leatherwood’s rustic energy and captivating stage presence, became an ardent supporter.

Following his Season 22 victory, Leatherwood spoke with NBC Insider and expressed his overwhelming joy and gratitude. Winning The Voice was a life-changing moment that left him in awe. He eagerly embraced the opportunity to make his family and fans proud, emphasizing his desire to give back through music and live performances.

The Exciting Tour Announcement:

Taking to Instagram, Bryce Leatherwood shared his excitement about his upcoming tour, revealing a tentative show schedule for the summer. Alongside the announcement, he expressed his enthusiasm for hitting the road and performing new music for his dedicated fans. With the support of his ever-growing audience, Leatherwood is poised to create unforgettable experiences across the nation.

Bryce Leatherwood’s Tour Dates:

The summer tour kicks off on May 17 in Fort Worth, Texas, and promises to deliver his electrifying act to numerous cities. Woodstock, Georgia, will be privileged to host a concert on August 25, marking an exceptional homecoming performance for Leatherwood. Here is the complete list of Bryce Leatherwood’s tour dates and locations, as can be found on his website (https://bryceleatherwood.com/tour-dates/)

  •  May 17: Fort Worth, TX
  • June 11: Nashville, TN
  • June 16: Wildwood, NJ
  • June 17: Manassas, VA
  • June 22: Bonner Springs, KS
  • June 23: Southaven, MS
  • June 24: El Dorado, AR
  • July 1: Lavon, TX
  • July 8: Hillsboro, OH
  • July 13: Franklin, TN
  • July 14: Gethsamane, KY
  • July 29: Cement City, MI
  • August 25: Woodstock, GA
  • September 16: Union, SC
  • October 6: Paintsville, KY
  • October 15: Rio Grande, OH

Getting to the Concert: Directions from White Oaks Insurance Services

Suppose you’re starting your journey from White Oaks Insurance Services at 345 Creekstone Ridge, Woodstock, GA 30188, USA. In that case, you’re just a short drive away from the eagerly awaited homecoming concert at the Northside Hospital-Cherokee Amphitheater. The drive, which spans approximately 2 miles, should take you around 7 to 20 minutes, depending on the traffic conditions.


Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you reach the concert venue:

1. Head east from White Oaks Insurance Services toward Creekstone Ridge (restricted usage road) for about 850 feet.

2. Turn right onto Creekstone Ridge (partially restricted usage road) and travel for around 446 feet.

3. Make a left onto Woodpark Pl,  and continue onto Reeves St for approximately 879 feet.

4. Turn right onto S On Main Dr and drive for about 1,086 feet.

5. Take a left onto Main St, passing by Bank OZK on the left in about 0.5 miles. Continue along Main St for approximately 0.71 miles.

6. Turn right onto Arnold Mill Rd, and continue for around 722 feet.


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7. Finally, take a left, and you’ll find yourself at your destination: the Northside Hospital-Cherokee Amphitheater at 101 Arnold Mill Rd, Woodstock, GA 30188, USA.

As you navigate this brief yet picturesque route, the anticipation for the night’s concert will undoubtedly build. Whether you’re a Woodstock local or a visitor, these directions will guide you smoothly to an evening filled with extraordinary music and community celebration.

Woodstock’s Homecoming Concert: A Night of Unforgettable Music and Community Celebration

Amidst the charming streets of Woodstock, Georgia, anticipation is building for an evening that promises to be etched into the town’s history – Woodstock’s Homecoming Concert. On the enchanting evening of August 25, 2023, the Northside Hospital-Cherokee Amphitheater will come alive with the soul-stirring melodies of the hometown hero, Bryce Leatherwood.

As the sun sets and the amphitheater’s stage comes alive, the town gathers to celebrate Bryce’s remarkable achievements. Mayor Michael Caldwell’s excitement resonates through his words, echoing the sentiments of the entire community. “I can’t wait to see each of you and your families in the amphitheater this August with Bryce for a show that I know Woodstock won’t soon forget!” he exclaims on the City of Woodstock website page.

The Woodstock community, once the nurturing ground of Bryce’s musical aspirations, now stands united in celebration. Friends, families, and fans from far and wide will converge in this iconic venue, ready to be serenaded by the soulful tunes that have taken Bryce Leatherwood to the pinnacle of success. It’s a homecoming in the truest sense, where both artist and audience reconnect with the place that fostered their dreams.

The Northside Hospital-Cherokee Amphitheater’s sprawling lawns and intimate seating provide the perfect backdrop for this momentous occasion. Surrounded by nature and the warmth of the community, attendees will be treated to a musical journey that spans from the heartfelt beginnings of Bryce’s career to the present-day triumphs that have earned him a spot in the hearts of music enthusiasts worldwide.

The Woodstock Homecoming Concert isn’t just about the music; it’s a celebration of determination, passion, and the unbreakable bond between artists and their roots.

So mark your calendars and prepare for a night that will resonate in Woodstock’s memory for years to come. Join us on August 25 as we come together to celebrate not just Bryce Leatherwood’s journey but also Woodstock’s indomitable spirit. This spirit nurtures dreams and celebrates the homegrown talent that continues to inspire us all.

Pre-Concert Dining Delights: Culinary Adventures Before the Show

Before immersing yourself in the musical enchantment of Bryce Leatherwood’s homecoming concert at the Northside Hospital-Cherokee Amphitheater, treat your taste buds to an array of delectable dining options near the venue. Woodstock boasts a range of restaurants that cater to diverse palates, ensuring you have a satisfying meal before the musical spectacle begins.

Here’s a list of some top-notch dining spots to consider:

Rootstock Restaurant & Bar: Explore a fusion of global flavors at Rootstock, where modern American cuisine meets international inspiration. Revel in a culinary journey that sets the tone for a night of musical magic.

Sizzling Spices: If you’re in the mood for authentic Indian flavors, Sizzling Spices awaits with an array of aromatic and flavorful dishes that will tantalize your taste buds.

Jekyll Brewing: For those who appreciate craft beer, Jekyll Brewing offers a selection of locally brewed favorites. Enjoy a refreshing pint and soak in the vibrant atmosphere.


Reformation Brewery (Woodstock): Another gem for beer enthusiasts, Reformation Brewery promises a diverse lineup of craft beers to complement your pre-concert experience.

Pure Taqueria: Indulge in Mexico’s vibrant and bold flavors at Pure Taqueria. Tacos, margaritas, and a festive ambiance set the stage for a lively dining experience.

Salt Factory Pub: Experience modern American comfort food at Salt Factory Pub, where a cozy setting and a diverse menu offer something for everyone.

Vingenzo’s: Delight in an authentic Italian meal at Vingenzo’s, where handcrafted pasta and traditional flavors transport you straight to Italy.

Prime 120: Elevate your pre-concert dining experience with the upscale offerings of Prime 120. Savor expertly prepared steaks and a fine selection of wines.

Canyons Fresh Grill – Woodstock: Enjoy a blend of Southwestern and American flavors at Canyons Fresh Grill, where fresh ingredients and bold tastes shine.

J. Christopher’s Woodstock: For a breakfast or brunch option, J. Christopher’s Woodstock serves up classic American fare in a comfortable setting.

As you embark on your culinary adventure, these restaurants offer diverse options to suit various tastes and preferences. Whether you’re in the mood for international cuisine, craft beer, or fine dining, Woodstock’s dining scene has something to offer every palate. So indulge, savor, and prepare for an evening of music and memories that will be cherished long after the concert ends.



Bryce Leatherwood, winner of The Voice and an exceptional country singer, is embarking on his inaugural tour, showcasing his magnetic stage presence and captivating talent nationwide. Fans who were captivated by his performances on The Voice now have the opportunity to experience the electrifying act firsthand. The Woodstock concert, taking place on August 25, 2023, will undoubtedly be a memorable homecoming event, celebrating the remarkable success of Bryce Leatherwood and his deep-rooted connection to his hometown. Take advantage of the chance to witness Bryce Leatherwood’s musical journey as he continues to win hearts and make his mark on the music industry.

For more great concerts put on by the Woodstock Concert series visit their official website: (https://www.woodstockconcertseries.com/)

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